Ye Olde Ed-N-Jen’s Busti’s Tap House

Dave Attard, one of the owners of Ye Olde Ed-N-Jen’s Busti’s Tap House. Not pictured: Marryann Attard
Dave Attard, one of the owners of Ye Olde Ed-N-Jen’s Busti’s Tap House. Not pictured: Marryann Attard

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Friends and family gathered September 22 at 792 Busti-Sugar Grove Road for the grand opening of Ye Olde Ed-N-Jen’s Busti’s Tap House. Dave and Maryann Attard became the proud owners of the new bar and restaurant around Thanksgiving of 2015.

The Attards moved to Busti from Connecticut in 1986. They officially opened Busti’s Tap House on July 3, this summer. The name ‘Ye Olde Ed-N-Jen’s’ comes from the time period from 1966 to 1985, when Ed and Jen were the original owners of the building. The Attards chose to re-name the building to honor Ed and Jen and the people who knew them.

“Every day is a new adventure,” Dave said. Dave and Maryann had no prior restaurant experience before taking on this business. They loved working on committees together and decided awhile back that one day they would do something important together again. Before putting their energy into the restaurant, they flipped five houses, including one that they are living in today.

New Beginnings
“If we didn’t buy the building it would have been on the ground by now,” Dave said. The tap house underwent complete renovation once the Attards took over. They gutted the building and had an engineer come in to look at the beams and replace them. The way the beams were supported previously was not quite up to modern codes. They hope the spacious wooden interior and pool table make for a cozy place to “hang out and have a beer.”

Dave stacked hay in a barn on Big Tree Road for his first job at the age of 23. Years later, he took ownership of the same barn. Every bit of wood located in the restaurant/bar was brought from that old barn. The bar top is one of the beams that he been cut and finished. “Every one of these standing beams is important… you take one out and the building comes down,” Dave said. “Every one of the beams has a reason to be there.”

“The back deck was two-tiered and the size of the building. We lowered it and put a big patio door in,” Dave said, “with brand new patio chairs. “If the cooler weather ever does set in this year, we have fleece blankets that we’ll warm up and people can snuggle and warm up with them on the deck.”

“We want to put a trellis over the top of the deck. We have hops that grow in the back, so hopefully next year we could have the hops climbing up like a grapevine effect,” Dave said. Dave said he hopes to renovate the upstairs apartment and move into it in the future.

A Home Away from Home
Maryann brought in all of the recipes for the food, which the cooks use. “Our food is going out and the plate’s coming back empty,” Dave said. They offer wine on tap, 12 beers on tap and a total of 35 beers to choose from. They offer a variety of specials Tuesday through Sunday. The specials feature plates like “Burger and a beer” and “Buy one get one boneless wings.”

The wall to the right in the dining area is dedicated to the Busti Fire Department and includes a firefighter’s jacket, helmet and other department mementos. They also dedicated a drink to the fire department, called the ‘BFD.’ For each drink sold, $1 is given to the department.
The adjacent wall is a memory wall consisting of a blackboard, where people can permanently sign their names and messages with a paint pen. The furthest place people have traveled from and signed the wall is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Ye Olde Ed-N-Jen’s Busti’s Tap House is open Monday through Thursday 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday noon to 11 p.m.; Saturday noon to midnight; and Sunday noon to 9 p.m.

Check out their website at or visit them on Facebook at Busti Tap House.

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