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Scott Bradish, owner and operator of Snap Fitness
Scott Bradish, owner and operator of Snap Fitness

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Walt Pickut

The big red sign on the wall says, “Snap Fitness – Get fit, Feel great, Be well.” And for Scott Bradish, owner and operator at both of Jamestown’s Snap Fitness 24-7 ® gyms, that just about says it all. Whether you run, jog or cycle; push, pull or lift; duck, squat or balance, Snap Fitness is the place to do it all.

Snap Fitness, founded a mere 14 years ago in Minnesota, fulfilled America’s growing appetite for quality fitness and exercise clubs so quickly – offering innovative programs and systems – that within a mere 5 years it rocketed to #24 in the worldwide Top 500 rankings of fitness centers.

By 2017, 2500 clubs and 1 million members in nearly 20 countries are adding 15 to 20 new locations every month globally. Scott Bradish opened his first club at 764 Foote Ave in April of 2008. It grew so fast that he immediately started planning for a second club which he opened at 707 Fairmount Ave in January of 2009.

“Recently, a club member told me, ‘Scott, I can’t believe what this has done for me.’ I find that inspiring, and I work out here, too,” Scott added. “It is just fun! People who work out have a positive attitude about life. There’s a real sense of community here. We enjoy a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. Members like to say, “It’s my Gym.”

“I just remodeled both of my clubs. They are outfitted with state-of-the-art Cybex Exercise equipment,” Scott said. “Members appreciate equipment built by world leaders in cardio and stamina building, strength training and body toning gear.” Myzone exercise trackers, apps and displays are also available to monitor and measure personal fitness goals at Snap Fitness.

“We’re going to help you get started on a program,” Scott tells new club members. “We’ll work with you to find out what you want to do and we’ll make it easy to get going on it, whether pumping iron, running for endurance, trimming and sculpting your body or dropping a few of those post-holiday pounds. All of our trainers are nationally certified personal fitness trainers. They are also insured and Red Cross certified.”

People have different schedules,” Scott said. “So no matter what shift they work, for example, or whenever school or work or home responsibilities permit, it’s all here for them any time. It’s their gym.” A personal access card gives members full access to the club 24/7. The access card also opens the door to any Snap Fitness club anywhere in America and worldwide. Cameras and a 911 instant contact system round out club security.

Snap Fitness is neat and clean. “It’s no ordinary gym. I feel like I am working out in my living room,” one club member said.

“We have all shapes and sizes, from average people to highly trained athletes,” Scott said, “from 18 to over 90. My dad worked out here every day, rode 3 to 5 miles on the bicycle and did curls, for years, until he was 95. I found out for myself, too, that fitness creates resilience. Recovery from injury, illness and even surgery is faster and better.”

‘We want to make Snap Fitness affordable,” Scott added. “We did away with enrollment fees, for example, and long term contracts.

“I am moved by seeing people starting from scratch and achieving their goals,” he said. “If you put forth the effort, you’ll get what you want. That’s what it’s all about.”

Learn more about Jamestown’s two premier Snap Fitness locations by visiting or calling either the Foote Avenue club (661-3690) or the Fairmount club (338-9882) or by visiting

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