Women Change Perception of Farmers Nationwide

Celebrating 15 Years of Women in the FFA

Celebrating 50th Years of Women in FFA

In the past, men were often the ones who did most of the farming. More women, however, have become farmers in recent decades both locally and nationally, and part of that can be attributed to the National Future Farmers of America Organization.

According to the FFA’s official website, women were selected to join the organization as “Chapter Sweethearts” prior to 1969 National Future Farmers of America.

The Jamestown Gazette recently asked local women farmers for their thoughts on the numerical growth of women farmers nationwide (see page 12). By their accounts, many have different experiences in the farming industry. The farmers, however, are similar in their hope to see more women enter the field.

The country’s future farmers want everybody to know that droughts occur, mortgage payments come due, and farm chores never stop. The game creates an experience of what it means to grow crops, raise livestock, craft and sell goods, and engage with local and global partners to level up.

“Feeding the world,” FFA says, “relies on balancing your economic, social, and environmental sustainability, so strive to be a leader. Along the way, real farmers from across the world will show you what they are doing on their farms.”

The future farmers say agriculture is more than planting and harvesting — it is a science. Chautauqua County FFA members, young people, both girls and boys, who are looking forward to agriculture as a career, say it is both a business and an art.

The FFA is an organization that prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. The organization has several chapters in both Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties.

Each year, the FFA celebrates National Future Farmers of America. The 2020 celebration is slated to begin Feb. 22 and end on the 29th.

For more information on the organization, visit the FFA’s official website at  ffa.org .