Winter is Coming: Reflections on the Snow


Article Contributed by
Katrina Fuller

When it first came out, my mom and I got caught up in the frenzy that is “The Game of Thrones.” We powered through each book, reading the tales as if they were air necessary for life. I wasn’t as enamored of the shows on television as she was; I prefer good old fashioned reading. Throughout the books, I found myself rooting for the Stark family, identifying with their mottos, their values and their beliefs. In a way, my family of origin is much like the Starks; we are from a very cold region, closely bound by family ties and we take our values seriously. We are a family of strength, compassion and, in the end, we know that “Winter is Coming.”

Today, when we awoke, my kiddo’s eyes glittered with delight when she saw the white stuff covering the ground, icing the trees and lining the roofs. I, however, gave a different response. A huge sigh erupted from the depths of my lungs, expressing the dread of brushing off the cars, shoveling mountains of snow and driving in the slippery, icy mess. Snow, in my world, is no longer a fun and adventurous ordeal. It is dangerous and annoying, a fierce and time consuming combination. In contrast, my child is engulfed in the joy of the winter season. She begs to go tromp through the fresh snow, excited at the prospect of the arctic playscape. The chilly air and slippery sidewalks are no deterrent for her; with mittens on hand, a warm fuzzy hat and heavy boots, she excitedly bounds outdoors ready for the coming months.

Winter brings many things to many people. To some, (i.e. my mother and me) it is a time to be endured, counting down the days until green flora can be seen again. For others, (See: my daughter) the ice and snow become a wonderland, fit for frolicking about in the drifts and riding sleds pulled by doting adults. While my anxiety level rises throughout the winter, I do enjoy a good outdoor play session with the little one. You can’t help but be happy when someone who is adorable is rolling around in the snow. Having much in common with the Starks, I dread the coming winter, but trooping around with a mischievous little kid I know, I might just crack a smile.