Wild Wind Chimney Services & Signature Fireplaces by Sivak

Photos by Lori Byers. A small sampling of the many inviting fireplace settings Signature Fireplace has to offer.
Photos by Lori Byers.
A small sampling of the many inviting fireplace settings Signature Fireplace has to offer.

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Katrina Fuller

Nestled within the winding roads and rolling hills between New York and Pennsylvania, a warm hearth resides. A luxurious showroom, packed full of beautiful and functional fireplaces, stoves, and more holds more than meets the eye: the warmth of caring. The owners, Amy and Sam Sivak, dedicate their hours to creating brilliant masterpieces in stone and cement, providing customized services customers love. Devoted to customer satisfaction and a job well done, they are proud to display their handiwork at Signature Fireplaces by Sivak.

Opened in the Fall of last year, the showroom is a sight to be seen. “We have seven gas fireplaces, one electric fire place, one waterfall, two gas torches, one wood stove, a wood insert, and a working pellet stove.” Amy says with pride. “We heated the showroom with that all winter!” Prior to opening, customers who were pleased with the successful Wild Wind Chimney Services had often commented on how Sam and Amy should open their own showroom and service their own fireplaces. “We thought about it for a while – then we took over the building in mid-June,” she explains. “If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it right, but quickly.” The Sivaks transformed an old car lot into their showroom in a very short time. “It’s beautiful in here now, and he did it after work in a matter of eight weeks.”

Wild Wind Chimney Services and Signature Fireplaces by Sivak offers not only chimney services and fireplaces, but customizable stone and cement work. “We do a lot of outdoor work,” Amy says. “We really can touch every room in your house – we are kind of everywhere.” From outdoor patios to decks, from basement floors to custom mantles, the Sivaks have all the services customers need to add personalized quality to their home. “We will always spend the time to make sure you get what you want.” They are heading into their busy season, with the weather on their side. Booked up until the end of June, Signature Fireplaces by Sivak is ready and willing to add more names to the list. “We’re really busy right now, but we’d love you to call.” Amy says with a smile.

Bringing a considerate nature and individualized care to each customer, Signature Fireplaces by Sivak is invested in building relationships with their customers; with Signature Fireplaces, patrons are more than just a number. “We go right to their house and see what they are looking for.” Amy says. “Our biggest thing is that the customers’ needs are our priority: we’re not just about making the sale.” Entering the showroom, or as an after-hours appointment, guests and seasoned customers alike are greeted as old friends; a personal experience on any occasion. “We make sure you are one hundred percent taken care of and when you’re done, you love it.”

Signature Fireplaces by Sivak is located at 7160 Market Street in Russell, PA, on the corner of Route 957 and Route 62. Their office hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Always available for after-hours appointments, Amy invites folks to stop in or give them a call at 814-723-7700 to make an appointment. For more information, visit their website at: www.wildwindchimney.com. Stop down, have a ‘fireside chat’, and get to know the welcoming nature of Signature Fireplaces by Sivak. “Here, we will definitely take care of you.” Amy says.