Whiplash is for all those underdogs out there who had the heart and courage to chase a dream. Many of us do not get to realize our dreams, but Whiplash is the story of our collective blood, sweat and tears reincarnated in one drummer who suffers and sacrifices, but then perseveres and finally stands alone – victorious.

At the Shaffer Conservatory in New York Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller) is alone. He sets the tempo of practice-makes-perfect, dripping sweat, playing music. A stranger enters and he stops playing. “Why did you stop playing?” the man asked. When Andrew picks up his sticks the man is gone, only returning briefly for his forgotten jacket.

In that moment, Andrew had gained the attention of Terrence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) the maestro of the school’s – and possibly one of the country’s – greatest concert bands. Fletcher gives Andrew a shot in his band.

It is a struggle, recognizable to most of us, but Andrew has a legitimate shot at realizing his dreams. He suffers for it and sacrifices for this opportunity. Andrew discovers that even the smallest mistake at any moment could set Fletcher off. His anger (really his passion) knows no bounds.

The road to success can be a rocky one, but it takes a bold spirit and an undeniable hunger to persevere. Not only does Andrew have that hunger and drive, but he exercises enough defiance to overcome anything, while he just goes on listening to cool jazz while he does it.

Rating: 4/4 Stars *Must See*pic