Whether it’s in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Jamestown, Carl Anderson Always Hits

Photo by Chad Cooper. Carl Anderson
Photo by Chad Cooper.
Carl Anderson

Contributing Writer
Cody Crandall

When looking through the Jamestown Jammers individual statistics, one player, and his performance, particularly stands out. That player would be Carl Anderson. Carl is an outfielder from Sudbury, Massachusetts, who was drafted in the 19th round of this year’s draft out of Bryant University in Rhode Island. In his first professional season, Carl – at the time of this writing – is second in the whole New York-Penn League in hits, with 44. He is also one of the leaders for Jamestown in batting average, with a .295 clip. Pretty impressive for a guy that was just in college several months ago, right? I was recently able to catch up with Carl and discuss his childhood, his time at Bryant University, and his solid start to this season.
“When I was little, baseball was always a huge part of my life. Whether it’d be playing catch in the backyard, or tossing the Wiffle ball around, I was always around the game. My favorite team was the Boston Red Sox, and my favorite player was Jacoby Ellsbury. He came up when I was in high school, and I loved to watch him play. I try to model my game after him, and he was really the guy I looked up to, and pushed myself to be like. That helped me a lot,” Anderson said of his childhood.
After high school, Anderson attended Bryant University in Rhode Island. This past season at Bryant, Anderson led the team in batting with a .324 batting average, 73 hits, seven home runs, 11 doubles, and 41 RBIs. Carl also discussed how his time at Bryant helped him ease into the grind of professional baseball.
“Bryant was just a really good choice for me. It gave me the best opportunity to get out on the field and play, and it gave me an opportunity to play in the postseason. Steve Owens (the head coach at Bryant) really showed me the way, and helped prepare me for professional baseball. He introduced me to several professional baseball players, and ran his program in a way that pushed us all to improve and get better each day.”
His time at Bryant seemed to benefit Anderson in many ways. After being drafted, he stepped right in to the lineup for the Jammers and began to produce. Along with being second in the New York-Penn League in hits (44), and having a .295 batting average, Anderson also has seven doubles, three triples, and 11 stolen bases. To this point, his approach has been simple and to the point.
“I just try to put the ball in play, and run hard down the line. At this level, these pitchers know how to get guys out. If you over think things up at the plate, you are going to be in trouble,” he said.
Heading into essentially the stretch run of the Jammers season in August, Anderson will be an important fixture in the Jamestown lineup. At the time of this writing, the Jammers are only 5.5 games out of the wild card race. Anderson is well aware of the importance of the team playing well heading into a crucial period.
“This is where teams have to play for the postseason. This is where the good teams make their move and jump up in the standings. We just have to play our game. We are going to put it all together, and figure it out, and hopefully we will be there in contention at the end of the season.”
Whether the Jammers make the playoffs or not, one thing is certain. Carl Anderson is going to get his hits. If he keeps up his stellar performance, maybe several years down the road he will be playing against Jacoby Ellsbury, instead of emulating him.
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