Wedding Bells in your future?


Today I am going to discuss an app category that may seem counter to my interests, but believe me, as a Father of a Future Bride, I am becoming increasingly experienced in the culture of Weddings. I now not only know what Tulle is, and how to use it, but I’ve learned much more about the traditions and costs of weddings then any man should have to. If I can take my experiences, and show you how to make use of your Droid or iPhone to help the process, then my efforts and headaches will not have been in vain. There are many apps out there to help. But since I’ve seen what a wedding can do to a wallet, I’ll limit my recommendations here to the free ones.

If you or someone you love has decided it’s time to get married, many questions will pop-up. Who does what? How do we do that? Whom do we invite? These and many questions may seem simple and clear, but tread lightly, for nothing in this endeavor is to be taken lightly, lest you hear about it for years to come. A great start is to download the “Wedding Etiquette” e-book. It will tell you whom to invite, how to invite, the importance of prompt thank you notes and much more. The app is a great start, and it’s free in the Google Playstore.

Now that you’re educated, the next step is to begin planning. “Wedding PlanDroid” will help you do just that. You can prepare a budget, create a task list and timeline, manage your vendors and much more. As you get closer, alarms and notifications will inform you of pending and missed deadlines. A very useful and free App from the Playstore.

Organization is important, but coordination is even more so. Our family has found a basic app very beneficial to our efforts. “Google Docs” comes free when you signup for a Gmail account. The program is able to be used on both Smartphones and computers. It provides you with spreadsheets and documents. The key advantage is that all the documents are automatically saved on the web. In addition, you can share these documents and spreadsheets with others. As you make a change, it changes for everybody. We used it for a guest list, and were able to update RSVP’s and changes with ease.

And finally, the day has come. But you forgot one thing; You need to make a speech! Don’t fret. A quick trip to powder your nose and you can download the “Wedding Speeches” App from the Playstore, and be right back on top. The app provides pre written speeches for almost every family member, so if Dad has been too busy watching his wallet become an anorexic piece of leather, this application is for you.

There are many more apps, including ones for iPhones and ones that are available for small fees. Take some time and checkout a few before you decide which ones you want to use. Whatever you do, take time to enjoy the process. The day will come too quickly, and pass even quicker.