Volunteers Sought for SUNY JCC’s Global Friendship Program

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SUNY Jamestown Community College

SUNY Jamestown Community College’s global learning office is recruiting volunteers to participate in the Global Friendship Program, which aims to help families or individuals from across the community in forming a social relationship with one or more international students enrolled at the college.

“International students attending JCC are here to expand their minds and make their experiences in the United States as worthwhile as possible by learning about our culture and developing lifelong relationships,” said Hannah Pruch, JCC’s global learning coordinator. “Leaving family and friends can be a lonely experience, but area residents can help make their stay here more sociable and memorable.”

Community participants help international students learn more about U.S. culture by taking them to community, cultural, or sporting events; inviting them out for coffee or shopping excursions; including them in family celebrations or dinners; or engaging with them in phone or video conversations. Global Friendship Program volunteers do not provide housing, financial, or academic assistance.

Interested families or individuals are encouraged to contact JCC Global Learning by phone at 716.338.1041 or by emailing international@mail.sunyjcc.edu.