Urgent Care Center Offers Tips for Parents and Guardians for National Safe Toy And Gift Month


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Five Star Urgent Care

December is National Safe Toy and Gift Month, as noted by the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC) and lead by Child & Family Services. The month aims to raise awareness around potential hazards and safety concerns that come from the most popular toys, while also helping to reduce the number of toy-related injuries that are seen in December.

“The holidays are a time for children to enjoy new gifts given to them, but unfortunately, some of these toys and electronics have serious health hazards that can lead to fatal injuries if overlooked,” said Five Star Urgent Care Founder and President John Radford. “Five Star Urgent Care prides itself on providing our patients with valuable information to help them make informed decisions while offering quick, convenient care should the need arises.”

To help parents and guardians navigate the holiday season, Five Star Urgent Care has compiled a list of tips to guide consumers on finding a gift that is safe and appropriate for children:

Toys with small, easily-detachable part, such as magnets and playsets, should be given only to children over the age of four to prevent accidental ingestion

Inspect all toys for sharp edges or points and ensure that the toy is sturdy enough to withstand impact from being dropped or crushed

Read all instructions and manuals of the toy and compare to your child’s age and skill to determine if appropriate

Ensure that the toy has not been painted or created with any materials that contain lead

Scooters and other riding toys, such as hoverboards, should be accompanied by a properly-fitted helmet and safety gear

All markers, pencils, crayons, paints and art supplies should be labeled non-toxic

Gifts with batteries, both disposable and rechargeable, should be overseen by an adult to avoid burn hazards to children of any age

Avoid toys with ropes, cords or ties which pose a serious threat to younger children

Five Star Urgent Care is equipped to offer treatment for non-life-threatening ailments, such as colds and flus, minor burns, foreign body ingestion, food poisoning, bumps, bruises and lacerations, as well as providing onsite x-rays, lab testing and diagnostics. The facility will be open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. A full list of services, up-to-date wait times and holiday hours can be found online at FiveStarUC.com.

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