Urban Spin Raises Money for Hurricane Relief

Leah Holt and Joe Walsh, organizers for the Spin-A-Thon.
Leah Holt and Joe Walsh, organizers for the Spin-A-Thon.

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Spinning regulars invite those who have never stepped foot on a bike to put on their best ’90s getup and support a fantastic cause. Urban Spin will host a ’90s themed Spin-A-Thon to raise money for people effected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in Texas and Florida. The Spin-A-Thon will take to the road from noon to 3 p.m. on September 30 at 110 Mall Boulevard in Lakewood.

“It’s a good way to try spinning if you’ve never done it,” Urban Spin rider Leah Holt said. “You don’t have to be a professional biker who comes in to compete. It’s just fun and relaxed.” ’90s themed music will serve as motivation in the background. Urban Spin will provide teams with free t-shirts and will serve free food at the event. Finger foods and drinks will be served, including bike-shaped cookies and Gatorades.

Spinning is a low-impact cardio workout on indoor stationary bicycles set to music. Spinning is led by a certified instructor. Classes at Urban spin typically last 45 minutes. Riders can spin at their own pace and can decide how much resistance to add and how fast to pedal.

A Worthwhile Cause
Joe Walsh, Melanie Berg and Calin Preiss are owners of Urban Spin. Walsh and Leah Holt, a regular at Urban Spin, organized the Spin-A-Thon. Holt said she thought it would be a fun way to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

“It’s a great way to get the community together,” Holt said. “A lot of this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in Jamestown that often. Big cities do stuff like this but we don’t get this kind of opportunity as much.” The donation is $15 per person but participants can donate more if they choose. All proceeds will go toward United Way and support the Texas and Florida residents in need.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible so Holt and Walsh know how many people they should expect to attend. Spinners are asked to sign up using the Urban Spin Mindbody App and email urbanspinlakewood@gmail.com with team member names.

Team Event
The Spin-A-Thon is a team event, so groups of three to four will spin at each bike, rotating off as needed. Each person will cycle approximately 30 minutes and there is time slotted for before and after the start to set up and hang out.

Bikers without a team can sign up individually and will be placed into a team. The team that bikes the furthest distance will win a free month of spin for each member. A door prize will also be given to the team with the best-dressed ’90s wardrobe. Neon jackets, leggings and scrunchies, for anyone whose closet and drawers are still graced with such fashions, are encouraged.

Three instructors will help teach the spin class. Each class typically has one instructor, so there will be extra support. “They’ll help set you up with the height of your bike and make sure you’re prepared with everything that you need to do,” Walsh said.

Since the opening of Urban Spin last winter, Walsh said that this is the first event they have been able to put on. He said that Urban Spin hopes to have more events such as this one in the future. “It would be really cool if we could do an event at the end of the month every month,” Walsh said.
For more information about the event or classes in general, visit Urban Spin on Facebook or visit urbanspin716.com.

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