Upstate Cycles


Contributing Writer
Linda Kent

“I thought it was a disservice not to open a bike shop once Holly Loft closed.” Eric Chapman explained when talking about why he opened his bike shop, Upstate Cycles, located at 135 E Fairmount Avenue, Lakewood. Tucked in the back of the Jamestown Mattress plaza, the store opened in September of 2021. Even though it was during the pandemic the store is doing very well.

Eric started tinkering with bikes as a boy. All the neighborhood kids used to bring their bikes to him to be fixed. His mom wondered at the garage full of bikes and bike parts, but let him continue and it turned out to be a good thing.

He learned the bike trade by working the business. He worked for 20 some years at Holly Loft and was the manager. That was why he felt so strongly about opening his own shop, so the area had biking options. Many of his customers are clients who followed him to his new place.

Upstate Cycles offers new and used bikes, anywhere from high end road bikes to small children bikes. He also does tune-ups and repairs. In additions, he builds, sells and services electric bikes. He says that he is having some difficulty getting parts and bikes with the shortages, but is making the best of it. His customers have been patient with the delays and he hopes things will get straightened out soon.

If you like group bike rides, then check out the rides Eric organizes on Tuesday nights. They are different skill levels, ranging from A to C. A are the elite racers and C are the beginners. He admits with a smile that he is in the B group. There is also a ladies only group available.

For more information about the riding groups or biking information in our area in general, you can visit his website at Upstate Cycles is open year around, even in the winter. Stop in, take a look around and remember the feeling of the wind on your face as you pedaled your bike along.