Until the Next PenNY Coin Show


So due to circumstances beyond all of our control you missed the PenNY Show at the Herman Kent Post #777. It was cancelled but don’t worry – there will be another coin show at that same location on September 13th of this year.

So what do you do with your treasures until then? Here are some tips:

1) DO NOT CLEAN YOUR COINS! You might think they look better but you will definitely not increase their value. If your coin is actually valuable you will probably make it worth half of what you could have gotten before you cleaned them. Coin collectors are fussy about that.

2) Condition is everything. The typical 1921 Morgan may be worth bullion value but a nice frosty-looking uncirculated 1921 Morgan that has not been cleaned is possibly worth multiples of bullion value. If you have one of these, treat it with care.

3) Most of your coins are not rare. They are called rare because their low mintage means that there are not that many around. Your 1921 Morgans and 1922 Peace Dollars might be almost 100 years old but they are so plentiful that their price is based on the price of silver bullion. And the price of silver bullion has gone down since the time the Covid-19 virus took over the headlines. Hopefully the price will rise again soon.

4) If you are curious, the Jamestown Coin Club meets at the Ashville BOCES every fourth Tuesday except in December. The doors open at 6PM and the meeting starts at 7 PM. There will be many people there who can answer questions you might have about your numismatic item. Visitors are welcome, and membership is only $10 per year.