U.S. Premier at Spire Theater


The Spire Theater and Big Time Productions will be ending the year on a thrilling note with a new psychological thriller, The Man Who Liked Order, in Studio Metro, presented by 59lucylane.com on the first 2 Fridays and Saturdays of December.

The Play recently had a successful premier and run in the UK receiving rave reviews and now The Spire has been granted the honor and privilege to present the United States Premier under the direction of Angelo Giuffré.

The Man Who Liked Order, by Mike Richardson. December 5, 6, 12, &13 at 8pm, Studio Metro Underground Theater 316 E 4th St. Jamestown located on the back end of The Spire Theater complex across the street from the Red Cross.

John Bradshaw likes to be alone, safe in his own environment, with everything nicely in its place. He doesn’t particularly like people either. Then, into his world walks a young woman, Sarah. She seems innocent enough, and intelligent enough to make Bradshaw like her. As their friendship grows, more and more of Bradshaw’s past is revealed to her. But is Sarah really what she seems or has she got some hidden agenda? Why does she want to delve into Bradshaw’s past? Should Bradshaw have let her into his world, and just which part of Bradshaw’s world is real anyway? As Bradshaw’s demons are revealed, Sarah might be his only hope of salvation, or she may just possibly be far more duplicitous than Bradshaw could ever imagine. What starts as a game of chess between two friends becomes an interrogation, but who exactly is the interrogator? For Bradshaw the next move could be the only one that matters.

Tickets are $12.00 for presale at Brazil Craft Beer and Wine Lounge and online at in-spire.us or $15.00 on the day of.

The Spire Theater strives to promote diversity, camaraderie, and artistic inspiration. The Big Time Players provide an outlet for local performers to showcase their talents as well as contributing to the vibrant arts and entertainment of our community.