Tracy Mitrano

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Tracy Mitrano for Congress

Tracy Mitrano is the Democratic nominee for Congress in New York’s 23rd district. A cybersecurity expert, teach, and mother who has lived in Western New York and the Southern Tier throughout her adult life, Tracy is committed to bring economic opportunity to a community that she loves dearly.

Tracy believes that building a robust economy means investing in healthy people, educated and skilled people, improved infrastructure, and protection of natural resources. Tracy is committed to strengthening social programs such as Social Security and Medicare and she will be a strong advocate for the needs of the district’s farmers, laborers, business owners, students, and families.

 Tracy will also be a knowledgeable voice in Congress on matters of cybersecurity, an issue of the utmost important to American national defense in the 21st Century. She is a mother of two sons and currently resides in Penn Yan, NY.