Toastmasters Club to Host Debate on Legalization of Marijuana


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Chautauqua Talks Toastmasters Club

Concord Spellbinders Toastmasters Club is hosting a Debate on the Legalization of Marijuana. Members are preparing a classic debate style as they bring their strong referenced argument in favor of marijuana. Minutes later another speaker refutes the argument and lays the foundation for not to have marijuana legalized. Debate is planned to start at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 13, SUNY Fredonia College, Reading Room, Fenton Hall.

This debate is an intellectual challenge showing different points of view to a topic related to the community. Concord Spellbinders are working to provide a variety of ways to teach participants that life is filled with communication and listening skills. Toastmaster clubs are around the world and set up to provide members with confident public speaking and strong leadership skills. Ned Lindstrom stated it is a group that is supportive where we learn-by-doing. Allowing members to work at their own pace to achieve their goals. There is no charge to attend this debate.

Concord Spellbinders Toastmasters Club holds regular meetings the second and third Wednesday each month. For more information or questions contact Jim Rawcliffe at (716) 672- 2662 or email at