Three Years of Community Pharmacy

Article Contributed by
Sue Crawford Poster, Westfield Barcelona Chamber
of Commerce Coordinator

It has been three years already since Greg Nelson and his daughter Paige brought their Pharmacy to Westfield.

They took what had been an empty building and turned it into a wonderfully warm and friendly place that welcomes the public with real hometown enthusiasm. It is this friendly knowledgeable attention to customers that has made them the favorite pharmacy around these parts. In this internet driven consumer climate this store proves that a people based business is what we need.

During his more than thirty years of working as a pharmacist Greg Nelson worked for Quality Markets right here in Westfield for eleven years, from 1993 – 2004.   As a child his daughter Paige would accompany him to work on occasion. She would clean the shelves and interact with customers. This fostered her love of working with people and her career choice. Paige completed her education and became a pharmacist just months after the doors opened at Westfield Community Pharmacy.

Greg was operating his pharmacy in Frewsburg as Paige was finishing her degree. He was aware of the long empty building on Main Street in the town he had loved working in and thought that would be a wonderful place to open a new pharmacy with his daughter again. How great it would be to come back and be able to service his former customers.

Paige graduated from St. John Fisher College in 2015, she is a third generation pharmacist and enjoys the charm that Westfield has and how supportive and close people are. Paige, like her father, believes the community’s needs should be at the center of their business.

Their feeling of community is shown in the name of their business. Recently one of their customers passed away and there were not enough funds to pay for a funeral. Paige started a Go Fund Me fundraiser for the gentleman and the community responded fulfilling the goal with in a mere three days.

There are many stories about how they have come into the store after close and filled prescriptions and even delivered to those in need.

The fact that they are here and growing is a testament to the power of small business. You are never just a number at Westfield Community Pharmacy, you are a friend. Paige said, “We want the community to know we are here to give them a choice when it comes to their prescription and health needs.  We are family run, with my dad and I being the head pharmacists and we go out of our way to make sure our customers are treated and cared for as if they are part of our family.”

Service is what you will receive as a customer of Westfield Community Pharmacy, they offer FREE local deliveries and also curb side prescription pick up. Their website allows users to place orders for refills before going to the store. There is little to no wait for prescriptions – that in itself is pretty much a miracle in today’s world. They are happy to discuss your prescriptions with you and will check to make sure there are no conflicts with your medications.

In addition to medications the store carries many gift items from candles to chocolates to gift cards and calendars. Many of these are the work of local artists, another way that Greg and Paige help the community that they do business in.

Greg enjoys hunting, running, his church, his family and he is a Buffalo sports fan. Paige serves on the Board of Directors for the YWCA. She enjoys traveling and has been on several medical mission trips, she also likes to hike, ski, road biking and being with her dog Ellie. Ellie now accompanies Paige to work in the pharmacy much like Paige did with her dad. Everyone in town loves Ellie!

Stop in and see what Greg and Paige can do for your prescriptions or just to shop and say hello.

Congratulations of three years and wishing you many more.