The Value of Customer Service: National Small Business Week Celebrated


Article Contributed by
Linnea Carlson

National Small Business week has traditionally been recognized in May. However, this year the celebration, honoring small businesses and their owners, will be acknowledged September 12-18. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration this year’s focus will “spotlight the resilience of America’s entrepreneurs and the renewal of the small business economy as they build back better from the economic crisis brought on by a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.”

Small businesses in Jamestown were not immune to the pandemic, facing both challenges and opportunities. And yet, despite the ongoing hurdles thrown their way small businesses in our community continue to thrive. The biggest reason, both customers and business owners alike have shared, is ensuring customers are truly valued.

How to Support Small Business

Individuals support businesses that they connect with; business that make them feel welcome, cared for and respected. Visiting and supporting small business can be as simple as shopping frequently at the businesses where you get that special attention. However, there are other was to be mindful of small business and action you can take to help them sustain.

  • Shop Online: Many small businesses expanded their operations online during the Covid pandemic. If you find it difficult to visit a business in person, see if they have offerings or sales online. Several area businesses deliver, and others ship across country. Visit for more information on local businesses selling online!
  • Purchase Gift Cards: Not sure what to get someone for a gift? Turn to an old classic! Many small businesses benefit from the immediate investment of a gift card. In turn, you can introduce friends or family to a small business they may not have previously visited.
  • Buy Merch: Many businesses offer promotional merchandise, and it is more than a ‘gimmick’ or easy way to make money. If you value a business, share the love! Not only are you helping promote a business you wish to see thrive; businesses offer truly unique wardrobe pieces or functional accessories such as reusable cups.
  • Share Social Media Posts: Don’t underestimate the power you as a consumer have to increase foot traffic to a local business. Sharing posts from your favorite business on Facebook or Instagram can increase their reach and encourages your friends and family to visit a business that you trust.
  • Write a Review: When we hear ‘business reviews’, often we think of the negative. However, taking the time to write a short review of a positive business experience you have had on platforms such as Google or Yelp truly helps drive customers to your community’s businesses. Reviews are often looked at by visitors to your city or community, and you can do a local business a true favor by highlighting what makes them so special.
  • Say Thanks: Many business owners take the time to appreciate you, the customer. It is what makes so many small local businesses so great. As a customer you can take the time to show your appreciation for them, be it a handwritten thank you note or simply a heartfelt compliment on their service.

In these continuously uncertain times many businesses, especially small and locally owned, are struggling or outright disappearing. Communities can truly influence the success of a small business, whether it be a newly established business or one that has existed for decades.

Area business owners can learn more about National Small Business Week and register to join their virtual summit, comprised of lectures and educational presentations, at