The Spire Theater’s Studio Metro Underground Theater to Host World Premiere of Original Play “7 Years”


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The Spire Theater

On June 13 and 14, the Spire Theater’s Studio Metro Underground Theater will host the world premiere of the original play “7 Years” written by a local anonymous writer. The play intertwines comedy and drama centered on an inconvenient, devouring, painful, and brutally realistic love affair between two young successful theatrical artists in New York City. Over 7 years, it examines right and wrong and what is real and what is not when two people fall in love. The play follows the protagonists Avery, a fiery, neurotic young woman with a successful acting career and Lawrence, a retired athlete who finds himself, as a last resort, working professionally as an actor alongside his female counterpart. These two unlikely people find themselves at odds yet over time discover they carry an unspoken love for one another.

“But the story isn’t a traditional fairytale. It’s actually quiet cruel,” states Masked Productions owner and local performer Shannon Nixon, who is making her directorial debut with the show. “It’s refreshing to put on a show that doesn’t sugarcoat many real and rocky things that occur when two people fall in love. Love is not convenient and often, two people who enter into that journey carry baggage and skeletons and must decide if that is something they are willing to accept of the other person. The show also makes the audience answer the uncomfortable questions. Because in the real world, no one gives you the answers. You’re given a series of possibilities and options and you must choose what is right and wrong. There is a moral to this story, but the story won’t tell you what it is.”
While the storyline may be a bit heart-wrenching and controversial throughout, it is filled with enjoyable, fast-paced quips and rapport, being a largely dialogue-based production that keeps the audience on their toes with the odd yet insightful conversations. “‘It’s Harry Met Sally’ meets ‘Frasier’,” describes Nixon. “The audience will find themselves at many times throughout the show laughing out loud at some of the outrageously pretentious yet clever things the characters say and argue about.”

“7 Years” is the first original play staged in the Studio Metro Underground Theater. “The space is very unlike anything you would find in Jamestown. It really would seem as though it belongs in downtown Manhattan. It’s the perfect black box setting for something as intimate as this. It has a very good vibe,” tells Nixon. “I think this show will appeal to a younger crowd for two reasons: 1) the atmosphere is eclectic and artistic and 2) the premise of ‘7 Years’ with all its turbulence is very relatable to situations many young adults have experienced.”

Studio Metro is located in the Spire Theater on 316 E 4th St. in downtown Jamestown. Amanda Wickmark of Fredonia, NY plays Avery, Adam Hughes of Jamestown plays Lawrence, Don Hill plays Patrick. Other members of the cast include Kori Reynolds-Hughes, Stephanie Walker, Ylsa Maj Giuffre, Michael Centi, and Paul Schermerhorn.

Presale tickets are $12 and $15 at the door. Tickets can be purchased by going to or by calling 716.450-6277. For more information call 716.450-6277 or email