The Rotary Club of Jamestown is Looking for Young Leaders


The SLAPSHOT program, dedicated to promoting and nurturing young leaders, is now seeking applicants for its 2020 instalment. SLAPSHOT 2020 will take place over the May 1-3 weekend at Canterbury Hills, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. It is a retreat and learning center located in the picturesque Dundas Valley Conservation Area. Six meals and two overnight stays in cabin settings provide the backdrop for workshops that build teamwork skills, assertiveness, problem-solving ability, and presentation skills.

Each year, students leave SLAPSHOT feeling more confident in themselves and prepared to strengthen their involvement with initiatives that they believe will make a difference in their local communities.

“Now that I’m back a lot of things don’t seem as scary as before,” said Sarah, a previous participant. “I just think of the feeling I had when I finished and that makes it not so bad.” 100 young student leaders participate in the program each year. Applicants must apply through their Rotary clubs, who will sponsor selected students to attend, paying their way and helping with transportation. Ideal candidates are high school students 15-18 years old who have demonstrated maturity, enthusiasm, and interest in making a positive difference in their school and community.

The program is designed and run by members of Rotary District 7090 (Buffalo/Niagara/Hamilton/Brantford) in collaboration with the expert team from Adventureworks! who are growth facilitators and operators of a high ropes course that is a feature of the weekend’s activities.

“After decades of running SLAPSHOT, this weekend is something the entire Rotary community looks forward to,” said Rob Nagy, the SLAPSHOT chair. “The students that participate in the program show up with an incredible amount of talent, and it’s thrilling to be able to help them reach the next level.”

Application deadline for Rotary Club of Jamestown is Monday, February 24, 2020. More information and applications can be found at . If interested, e-mail Ruth Lundin