The New & Old of Lisciandro’s Restaurant

Chris & Patty Larson
Contributing Writer

Darlene Brace

If you live in Jamestown, New York and especially if you’ve lived here a long time like I have, then you probably are familiar with Lisciandro’s Restaurant at 207 North Main Street in downtown Jamestown. Lisciandro’s has been a well-established restaurant for breakfast and lunch in downtown Jamestown for as long as I can remember. You might already know that it had been owned by John Lisciandro since 1975. What you might not know is that Lisciandro’s is now under new ownership. Patty and Chris Larson bought Lisciandro’s in August of 2021. Before becoming the new owner, Patty Larson began at Lisciandro’s over 30 years ago as a server and cook. When she and her husband bought the restaurant, they had the vision of keeping the old-fashioned charm and nostalgia of the former restaurant and combining that with some new flavors.

When you walk in the door, the familiarity of the place is still there with the same setup of booths and open countertop seating, yet it’s obvious that they have redecorated the restaurant. They have given the restaurant a face lift by adding new flooring, new lights, new paint, and even central air to keep you cool in those hot summer months.

Patty and Chris have not only worked hard at remodeling the restaurant but they also work hard at running Lisciandro’s. Besides running the place, Patty continues to be a server and cook. Chris also works hard keeping track of their accounts, running the cash register, and serving as well. In fact, I was told that Chris has been referred to as “the best coffee pourer in the world.” They also have cappuccino for customers who prefer Chris to make that for them instead of coffee.

So far, I have described the restaurant’s updates and the all the work they have done, but now it’s time to talk about the best part, which is the food. To go along with the coffee or cappuccino, Lisciandro’s serves breakfast every weekday from 7 am until 11am, and from 7am until closing at 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays. For breakfast, they specialize in their unique omelettes and daily specials. Besides breakfast you can get lunch during any of the hours they are open. During the ownership transition, John Lisciandro gave the Larsons a lot of his tried and true recipes, so that loyal customers will continue to find a lot of their favorites. For example, they still make the handed down homemade spicy Italian sausage and sausage stuffed hot peppers. Along with that, they also specialize in signature and specialty sandwiches in addition to what is on the regular menu. Patty also makes a lot of homemade soups and other daily specials. Some of the daily specials they offer are homemade rigatoni and meatballs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Larson’s Lisciandro Cuban burger on Wednesdays, and a fish fry on Fridays.

They Larsons said they try to cater to the special dietary needs of their customers. They offer gluten free bread and are willing to accommodate allergy restricted guests with special orders.

The Larsons also pride themselves on being local owners. They both grew up in the Jamestown/ Falconer area. Being local owners, they are committed to giving back to the community by buying most of their supplies from other local owners. Some of the local owners that they purchase weekly supplies from for their restaurant are Sandee’s Bakery, Tilaro’s Bakery, Maplevale Farms, Brigiotta’s, and Farm Fresh Foods.

Patty and Chris Larson know that their regular customers will continue to come in and enjoy the comfort and familiarity of the former Lisciandro’s as well as enjoying the new items that they have added. They are also hoping to invite in and please the palates of new customers as well. Come in and check it out. You will be happy you did.