The Most Priceless Gift


Article Contributed by
Melissa D’agostino, LPN, Tanglewood Group Corporate Trainer

December is upon us, and ‘tis the season… for shopping! The average American family will likely spend around $750 on holiday shopping. Credit card debt for the average household rises significantly during this season. The National Retail Federation estimates a total of $586.1 billion in sales. Black Friday has almost become a competitive sporting event racing to the doors add deals. The pressure for more material things is high—many will spend beyond what they can afford to provide gifts for their families. Have we lost touch with what truly matters? I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with gift giving. But I am saying we should keep things in perspective. Remain sensible and balanced in giving, paying mind to your motives. Remember the true meaning of the season.

A most priceless gift to those we love costs us nothing out of our pockets, yet it is of exceptionally high value. We have less and less of it amid the fast paced hustle and bustle of daily life. Simply slow down and look for it; it is available – albeit fleeting and often mismanaged. It is the gift of our time. The most important gift that we can give is ourselves. It is said that society has never been more connected, yet so disconnected. With technology we have the whole world at our fingertips. All too frequently, though, it is at the expense of quality human interaction and intimacy.

Some of the biggest regrets people have at the end of life regard their relationships. I love the quote “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.” Time is the most precious gift we can give. People will remember you for how special you made them feel in your presence more than for your presents. Loved ones who suffer from dementia and impaired memory experience a helpful change in brain chemistry when a friend or relative spends time with them. This leaves positive feelings with them long after the visit! In all of your giving this season, please remember to give the gift of some good, quality, uninterrupted TIME. Happy Holidays to you and your family!