The Lawson Center in Bemus Point Elects New Officers



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The Lawson Center in Bemus Point

At the annual meeting on August 16th, the Board of Trustees of The Lawson Boating Heritage Center on Chautauqua Lake conducted its annual meeting and elected a new slate of officers.
Tony Hopfinger, outgoing Board President presided at the meeting and was thanked by the board for his excellent leadership and dedication during the first 3 years of operation.
The new Board officers are David Wesp, President, David Bargar as Vice-President, Joseph Mitchell as Treasurer, and Pat Baldwin, Board Secretary.
The Board of Trustees recently augmented by the addition of two new members:  David Lispey and Sharon Graper. They join David Lawson Jr., Bill Lock and Tony Hopfinger on the active board.   Bill Baldwin and David Graper completed their terms as Trustees with the thanks and appreciation of the Board.  They graciously agreed to continue to chair their committees which oversee the care of the Museum building and the electronic ommunications and WEB facilities.
Dave Wesp, taking over as President, noted “I’m very honored to be the next president fo The Lawson Center.  Tony did a tremendous job defining our mission, vision and values.  It’s a privilege to take the reins from him and steer the ship for the next 2 years.  We have some very ambitious plans for new exhibits and program for the next few seasons.  We have a dedicated and hard-working board to make it all happen.”