The Global Stage


Contributing Writer
Paul Leone


JCC has students, at least one, I suppose, from Turkmenistan?

India, Yemen, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia?

I am impressed and delighted to learn that JCC, and, therefore, Jamestown as well are international communities. What beauty there is to the global pageantry. What beauty I expect to witness Wednesday at the JCC campus during the “Go Global” International Fair.

So, I have researched what I believe to be the fair’s headline presentation: Sukanya Burman Dance. Who knew? Sukanya Burman is a contemporary dance nonprofit actually located here in Jamestown. I see from its fine website that it has performed most recently (November 2) at the Cappa Theater on Fourth Street. Something called The Bayadere, a story of the ancient dance form Bharatanatyam. Now there’s a mouthful.

Bharatanatyam, according to Wikipedia, is an Indian classical dance form that expresses “South Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas” with a general connection to Hinduism. Sukanya Burman practices a second ancient form known as Khatak. This form tells stories through hand and body movements and facial expressions. One may see Khatak performed by consulting the Sukanya Burman website where video of the dance is posted. Sukanya Burman performed a live Kathak and percussion improvisation in August during the Comedy Festival. At the Beer Snob!

Sukanya Burman is a live breathing dancer and choreographer. She was born and raised in Kolkata India. She began formal training in Bharatanatyam at the age of three and has since studied modern, contemporary dance and ballet. May Jamestown prove to be a good home to her company.

I can find Turkmenistan on a map. It is bordered to the North by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and to the South by Iran and Afghanistan. I know the country to be a former Soviet republic. I know that it is situated within a problematic Central Asia. I would like to meet and speak to that student from Turkmenistan.

Living on Lakeview Avenue, one participates in the international pageant. In recent years I have met a young lady from Ukraine, another from Malaysia and a gentleman from China. A woman from Myanmar (I think) walks her dog and her child past my house and always stops to chat with me. Almost daily in the summer from my porch I hear Spanish spoken. I delight to African accents.

Jamestown. Cosmopolitan?

More and more so. Take advantage of the International Fair. You will be the better for it.