The Gift of 45 Days

Nancy Nordwall & Maryann Bednarit
Nancy Nordwall & Maryann Bednarit

Article Contributed by
Janet Wahlberg

Recently two dozen women met at First Lutheran Church to Give the Gift of 45 more school days per year to girls in Haiti. These women came from around the Jamestown area to create feminine hygiene kits to be used by these girls during their monthly cycles. The kits contain 10 reusable pads, 3 pair of panties, a wash cloth, and a bar of soap, safety pins, a gallon size zip lock bag and a colorful drawstring bag to carry their supplies in.

Handmade hygiene kits.

It is hard to believe that a few scraps of cloth can make such a difference to someone. The reality is that these kits allow the girls who would not be able to attend school due to a lack of supplies to attend during their monthly cycles. This in turn helps them to complete their education and look to the future. In Haiti, as in many third world countries, an education is the only hope they have of rising above the extreme poverty that they live in.

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