The Farmers Market: the Local Experience.


Contributing Writer
Katrina Fuller

Have you stopped down to the local farmers market lately? There are several in the area, dear readers, and I have to tell you – you’re missing out if you haven’t. From locally grown produce, fresh baked goods, and more, these markets bring the farm right to your area, in downtown Jamestown, Falconer and Lakewood. Almost every day, a farmers market is set up, offering a chance for a simpler shopping experience,
I didn’t used to shop at these little markets; I thought they were expensive and not worth my time. However, for the past few summers, the kiddo and I have enjoyed finding such treasures such as fresh brown eggs, in season fruits and vegetables, and our favorite – organic popping corn, for a very reasonable cost. With all the talk of GMOs and chemicals in foods these days, it’s a comforting thought that farmers in our hometown are growing nutritious foods right in our own backyard.
With the sun shining on our faces, the little one and I make our way through the stalls, picking out strawberries, little trinkets, locally roasted coffee, and our favorite smoked Gouda cheese. My kiddo loves going to the market – shopping is no longer a chore, but an adventure. “Are we going to the market?” She’ll ask, eyes wide. With that kind of a reaction, I can’t help but make the trek to whichever location, just to oblige. (I have to admit, I have fun too. Dalahast Coffee is worth any kind of a drive.)
In recent years, I’ve been striving to buy more locally, supporting the businesses and organizations that make our community great. By supporting these local farmers and artisans, it keeps them going, and invests in our hometown economy. I want my daughter to understand the importance of small businesses to the community – these are our friends and neighbors, whose hard work is presented through their goods. Supporting them means supporting ourselves as well. Hopefully, someday, she’ll be leading her kids through the stalls of a farmers market – making the mundane chore of shopping into an experience.
It’s a dream of sustainability.
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