The COVID-19 things you CAN STILL do in Chautauqua County


As long as you remain in good health, maintain social distancing, good hygiene, and common sense, there’s still a lot of things to do in Chautauqua County. Detach from the screen, get off the couch, and to the best of your abilities, see this as an opportunity to shake up the daily routine.

1. Take a hike!
• State Parks are open, and there are no entrance fees during the COVID-19 crisis. From Lake Erie to Midway to Wellman State Forest, take your family for a walk in the woods.
• Chautauqua County Trail System is fun too!


• Chautauqua Rails to Trails has many segments to check out.
2. Go for a drive. Chautauqua’s country roads are beautiful in the springtime.
3. Golf. Chip in your front yard, or set up your own mini-golf course.
4. Ride your bike.
5. It’s a good time to prune your trees, but read this first: time-to-prune-many-shrubs-but-not-all/
6. Call or FaceTime your friends and neighbors;
see if they need anything, or if you can help them.
7. Fishing has always followed a tradition of social distancing.

Fishing Seasons & Limits

8. Walk your dog.
Walk your neighbor’s dog. Heck, walk your cat – he/she might enjoy it.
9. Volunteer.
Contact your favorite community organization to see how you can help.
10. Donate blood.
11. Reconnect with one old friend
You might have time to make that long put-off call.
12. Wash your car.
13. Go on a flower hunt in your neighborhood. See any crocus yet?
14. Sweep out the garage.
15. Rake your leaves and pick up sticks.
Do your neighbor’s lawn too.
16. Do a puzzle.
17. Sanitize your home’s high-touch areas
with a disinfecting wipe.
18. Order takeout from a local business.
19. Cook a new recipe