The Computer Den

Joyce and Rich Harris, creators of The Computer Den. (Photo credit:

Contributing Writer
Linnea Carlson

That “small town attention” is what Rich Harris says has kept his business afloat for 18 years. As owner of the Computer Den in Jamestown, Rich shares what he feels make small, local businesses worth it.

“You get that one-on-one customer service. When you come back, you get to meet with the same person you did before, not someone new. You can develop that rapport. Some of my customers have been customers for years.”

Despite the challenges of Covid 19, the Computer Den remained open through it all as an essential service. Particularly essential, as many community members suddenly found themselves working from home and in need of new technological equipment and computers. As a business, Rich has worked with local schools, and currently finds an influx of individuals looking to homeschool their children.

He credits the community’s support for the doors staying open. “Thank you to my customers, for their service. Without them I wouldn’t exist.”