Tanner’s Auto Care: Caring For You And Your Car

(L to R): Renee Domenico, Michael Unger, Chris Ryder, Roger Salhoff
(L to R): Renee Domenico, Michael Unger, Chris Ryder, Roger Salhoff

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Heidi Woodard

If you have been on Route 60 in Cassadaga, NY recently, you may have noticed that Tanner’s Auto Care opened in December 2017. Owner Michael Unger had always wanted to own his own garage, and five years ago at age twenty-five he realized his dream after purchasing Tanner’s Garage in Jamestown, NY. Ever since the initial purchase of Tanner’s Garage, Michael knew he would expand to another location.

Tanner’s Auto Care (the Cassadaga site), is the newer of the two locations, yet it offers the same solid work ethics and mechanics with ASC certifications as the Jamestown location. Michael manages the Jamestown garage, while his girlfriend, Renee Domenico, manages the Cassadaga location. Both attribute their success to their strong sense of community. They whole heartedly agree that their business is set apart through their devotion to skillfully crafting a lasting family friendly atmosphere.

When you walk into the Tanner’s Auto Care in Cassadaga you are greeted by bright walls, and new flooring. You can sit down on the plush couch in the ‘living room’ and be in complete comfort while you wait for you car. As Renee mentioned, “you shouldn’t be miserable waiting for your car.” There are toys available for children, and there is even a large saltwater fish tank with many different fish. Michael and Renee are indeed focused on maintaining a strong community presence.

One key to maintaining a positive community image and presence is giving customers the 36 months-36,000 miles Repair Assurance Warranty Program that applies to ninety percent of all work done at both the Jamestown and Cassadaga locations. This national warranty program applies to any “defect in either materials or workmanship within the warranty period, the Independent Service Facility has the option to perform remedial service work at no charge to you.”* Providing customers this program, and the national Rescue Assurance Program (which gives roadside assistance to disabled vehicles), helps build trust that your vehicle and its safety are paramount at Tanner’s.

The pair truly believe they are not only caring about your vehicle but they truly care about the individuals in the car. Michael takes great pride when he says he wants to be known as the garage that not only will be servicing your car, but he “will be servicing your children’s car when they start driving.”

Tanner’s Auto Care understands in addition to offering high quality car care services, that making personal connections is what keeps them in business. As Michael puts it “meeting people, talking to people and getting to know them on a personal level” makes the difference in providing heartfelt customer service. The business not only cares about being your mechanic, they deeply care about making personal connections and giving back to the community they serve.

For the past two years Tanner’s Garage put on a yearly ‘Pig Roast’ and invited the public to come join them. The main purpose of the Pig Roast was to help the community see the employees of Tanner’s Garage, not only as their mechanic, but as their neighbor in the community. The Pig Roast allowed everyone to see the employees out of uniform and allowed relationships to be built on trust between the employees and the community. All proceeds made from the Pig Roast were donated locally to the Fenton museum. Tanner’s is always looking toward the future, and is planning a chicken barbeque at both locations with games and activities on site during warmer weather.

To contact Tanner’s Garage at 226 Steele St Jamestown, New York 14701, readers can call (716) 664-7340. To contact Tanner’s Auto Care 8018 Rt. 60 Cassadaga, NY 14718, call (716-384-4030). They are open Monday- Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

*Repair Assurance Warranty Program flyer

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