SUNY JCC Invites Students to Accepted Student Day

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SUNY Jamestown Community College

“This is how to college.”

Colette Haight, coordinator of academic advising, counselor, and associate professor at SUNY Jamestown Community College says that a half-day event called Accepted Student Day is an easy way for new students to gain tools that they will use to navigate their college journey.

Accepted Student Day is not mandatory, but lays groundwork that can make orientation less overwhelming. Just like something as simple as getting your locker combination to work in high school can be a huge piece to educational success, things like being able to navigate student accounts, knowing what services are available and how to access them are key to success at college.

“We have added Success Navigators to our team,” Haight shares. “They are essentially a student’s concierge through the enrollment process and beyond. Throughout the student’s experience at JCC, they can send a text to their success navigator and get connected to whatever campus supports and resources they need.”

While at Accepted Student Day, new students can meet faculty and staff, register for classes, tour residence halls, and visit offices like financial aid and accessibility. Haight says she sees a difference in confidence and preparedness in students who attend.

“It really eases their transition.” Haight explains. “Students who attend Accepted Student Day are much more informed and have gained understanding of fundamental pieces of their college experience, so they are more ready for their next steps.”

Visit to register for an Accepted Student Day. Jamestown Campus dates are June 30, July 14 and 27, August 2 and 11. Cattaraugus County Campus dates are July 28 and August 10.