Street JAM 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Set for June 4


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The Resource Center

The premier outdoor basketball tournament in Chautauqua County will return to the Jamestown area when the 20th annual Street JAM takes place Saturday, June 4.

This year’s event comes with a change in location. The 2016 Street JAM will be held in the rear parking lots of The Resource Center’s administrative office building, located at 200 Dunham Avenue in Jamestown.

“Over the past 19 years we have been successful operating our tournament in a wide variety of venues, from parking lots to pavement. After reviewing all of the outcomes from our previous tournaments, it has been decided to take our tourney on the road once again,” said Victoria Trass Bardo, the tournament director. “We will be able to showcase our beautiful building, grounds and, most importantly, our jumbo parking lots.”

In addition to the change in location, Street JAM will be a one-day tournament this year. The event had always been a two-day tournament, but organizers believe a one-day event will be popular with players and families for a variety of reasons. With a one-day tournament, teams will have shorter wait times between games. And conducting the entire tournament in one day will eliminate some of the conflicts that occur each year regarding other school-related events that take place the same weekend.


Street JAM is a three-on-three tournament in which players of similar age and ability compete against one other. Teams are assigned to a specific court based on the age and gender of the teams’ players. Each division will crown a champion.

This year’s Street JAM aims to attract young players (boys and girls age 18 and younger). For players age 19 and older, there will be one, open division for the men and one for the women.

“The 2016 tournament will focus on the very young, youth and players up to age 18,” Bardo said. “Our new format also includes the younger players playing in the morning, while high school players will take to the courts in the afternoon.”

The registration fee is $125 for each four-person team (three players on the court at one time, plus one substitute). To obtain a registration form, phone the Street JAM hoop line at 661-1477.

The annual basketball festival has been a staple in the Jamestown area since the first tournament was held in 1997. The event attracts hundreds of teams and thousands of spectators. Street JAM offers something for the entire family, since in addition to the basketball games there will be food, music and a number of other activities.


Street JAM is put on by Filling the Gap, Inc. Money raised through Street JAM benefits people with disabilities and their families in Chautauqua County, supporting underfunded and non-funded services and programs provided through The Resource Center.

People can keep up to date on the latest developments regarding the tournament via Facebook at “We are very excited about our 2016 tournament with all of the improvements,” Bardo said. “Many details to follow, so stay tuned.”

For more information, phone 661-1477 or visit