State Department Interviews Painter Paquette

Thomas Paquette in video interview.

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Thomas Paquette

Warren artist Thomas Paquette was interviewed recently by U.S. Department of State art curators about his approach to art in their “3 Questions” video series. Amanda Brooks and Victoria See posed three questions to the painter about his inspiration and process, as well as what advice he would give to young artists. This was the eighteenth interview in this video series about artists whose works were installed in embassies around the world through the State Department’s Art‐in‐Embassies program.

Paquette’s painting, “Headland”, 50 x 40 inches, installed at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Paquette’s latest installation was a large painting of the California coast, purchased for permanent display at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The painter lent forty paintings to the program for nineteen embassies on five continents, in cities including St Petersburg, Moscow, Taipei, Santiago, Athens, Rome, and Vienna. His first loan, in 1994, brought five of his paintings to the U.S. embassy in the African nation of Chad for seven years.

The video, which also features some footage provided by local companies InScale Architects and Stratos Media Solutions, is on YouTube at