St. Luke’s Partners with Toboggan Hill Farms to Host Local CSA Program Dropoff Site


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Toboggan Hill Farm

During these dreary final months of winter our thoughts tend to turn to fresh summer breezes, country air and fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farm stand. As a result of a new partnership with Toboggan Hill Farms, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will offer Jamestown residents the opportunity to bring the bounty of the farm to their own tables without leaving the city limits.
Beginning in May, local residents will have the opportunity to purchase shares in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program with the Westfield farm, offering weekly deliveries of seasonal produce and occasional offerings of eggs and meats for local pick-up at their 410 North Main Street location.
“CSA programs are great ways to support local sustainable agriculture.” explains Jessica Frederick, current St. Luke’s intern who is also a local farmer herself. “The proceeds from CSA help cover the cost of seeds and other early season expenses. It provides peace of mind to a local farmer, with the knowledge that, even before seeds are in the ground, the season’s produce will go to appreciative customers. Furthermore, CSA members weather (pun intended) with the farmer what nature brings, as, even with the best practices and planning, share contents are controlled in many ways by the weather. This allows one to taste each particular growing season in a unique way. Cool, wet summers will yield shares full of leafy greens. Hot, dry summers will encourage shares full of summer treats, such as green beans, zucchini, and tomatoes.”
Frederick, whose farm was the local connection last year, has been happy to introduce St. Luke’s to Mike and Donna Eisenstadt, the owners of Toboggan Hill as providers of the produce for this year’s CSA. The Eisenstadt’s promise to deliver a variety of tasty vegetables every week, noting that their farm uses organic seeds when available and also uses good agricultural practices such as crop rotation, companion planting and cover crops. They use no artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.
“Last year, I was delighted to have St. Luke’s as a drop-off point for my CSA members.” she says. “I am happy to see the CSA program continue. It is just another way (of many) in which St. Luke’s is sowing good seeds, supporting the health of local agriculture and the downtown Jamestown community.”
Toboggan Farm’s CSA allows customers to pre-purchase the vegetables that the farm grows in season. Members pay in advance to receive a share of the farm’s produce throughout the season. In return, CSA customers receive a box each week during the growing season of fresh, seasonal produce. Fresh Veggies will be delivered to St. Luke’s on a weekly basis and members are invited to secure a full share for $500; a half-share for $275 or quarter-share for $150.
Registration forms are available at St. Luke’s, or by emailing Toboggan Hill Farm invites members to deduct 3% if payment is postmarked or delivered by March 9th, or 2% if postmarked or delivered by April 10th. St Luke’s Church will be the CSA drop point this summer for Toboggan Hill Farm.
For information about the Toboggan Hill CSA program contact Toboggan Hill at 716-326-2060, or or call the St. Luke’s office at 716-483-6405.