Spring Driving Safety Tips


Just because the snow is off the roads does not mean that drivers cannot pay attention while driving. The spring season brings its own list of travel risks. Take the season change as a way to inspect your vehicle for any damages that winter may have caused. Take note of any new rust spots, dents or scratches that a winter mishap may have occurred throughout the winter months. Remove winter tires when recommended by your auto mechanic.

With the snow melting and those ‘April Showers’ bringing excess water to the roads, driving can become tricky. The wet and possibly slushy roads can become hazardous to drivers. Drive with caution through common runoff areas. Also, water can mix with oil and grease on the road to create slippery conditions.  Avoid driving through large puddles. Driving through water can impair your brakes, cloud your vision, or even cause you to hydroplane. Not only do you not know how deep that water is, but what lies under that water and be a mystery too. Potholes can be very dangerous especially when they are hidden by water. Potholes can throw your car out of alignment or can cause more damage to your vehicle.

Spring rain can put a strain on your tired winter wiper blades. Road salt, ice and other road residue on the windows may have caused damage to the wipers and may need replacing. Having wiper blades in poor condition can cause impaired vision during heavy rains. Finally, take time to clean the glass carefully to help remove all of the winter residue and oily film that may have built up throughout the snowy months.

The American Red Cross of Southwestern New York encourages all travelers to check and restock their emergency car kit. Items in a car kit includes a battery powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries, blanket, booster cables, first aid and manual, bottled water and non-perishable high energy foods such as granola bars, raisins and peanut butter, maps, shovel, flares, and tire repair kit and pump.  These items will become useful when a vehicle leaves someone stranded, the road becomes impassable, or in any other travel emergency.

red-crossContinue to drive safe throughout the year. The American Red Cross of Southwestern New York is a United Way Agency.