Southern Sails Junk Removal

Russ and Heather Spunaugle, owners of Southern Sails Junk Removal.

Contributing Writer
Darlene Brace

Russ and Heather Spunaugle decided they wanted to open a removal business. Sometimes a removal service is needed when a home has a fire, or when people must remove everything from their home when they move. The Spunaugles realized that there were many people in the Jamestown area that were struggling to find someone that could help them with this. Since early 2022, Russ and Heather Spunaugle have owned and operated a local business called Southern Sails Junk Removal, that provides this much needed service.

Once they opened their business, they understood that by helping customers clean out their homes, they weren’t just removing the items from the house. They were helping to change and improve these people’s lives, which they found to be very rewarding.

Since opening, Southern Sails Junk Removal has expanded its services. It is not just cleaning out homes. They will remove and/or demo anything that you want to get rid of including cars, mobile homes, garbage, brush and tree removal. They will pretty much remove anything a customer wants to have removed.

Southern Sails Junk Removal is open 7am to 7pm, seven days a week. They have a Facebook page where you can find their contact number, and you can find other information about their business, and the services they provide.

Along with providing removal services, they also have found other ways to help people in the community. Sometimes when they are cleaning out homes or buildings, they find furniture and other items that are still usable. Instead of throwing these items away, they have donated many items to families and charities across Chautauqua County.

Southern Sails Junk Removal’s prices vary, and are dependent on locations, amount and types of items removed, and other factors. After reading this article, if you decide to use Southern Sails Junk Removal, and you mention the code word LUNA, you’ll receive 30% off your total.

In the future, they plan to expand their business to other locations and services. Someday, Russ and Heather hope to do ocean cleanups. They would like to help remove debris that’s in the ocean, and possibly help with hurricane disaster cleanup.

A few weeks ago, the Spunaugles and Southern Sails Junk Removal were given an award by the Jamestown Community Chamber of Commerce. This award was The Best New Business of the Year Award for 2022. Congratulations to Southern Sails Junk Removal for earning this award!