Silvertree Seniors of Jamestown Announces 2019 Inspection Scores

Sivertree Seniors of Jamestown

Silvertree Seniors of Jamestown is proud to announce its Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) scores for 2019. REAC inspections are overseen and scored by the Department of Housing & Urban Development, and were introduced to ensure that subsidized housing buildings are kept up to the standards laid forth by HUD.

In January, Carlson Towers – located at 842 North Main Street in Jamestown – received a score of a 96 out of a possible 100 points. That same month, Anderson Manor, which is located at 8 Crane Street in Jamestown, received a score of a 99

In October, both of Silvertree’s Falconer locations had REAC inspections, with Methodist Gardens – located at 430 East Avenue – scoring a 99, and Woodward Park – located at 55-77 Grace Circle – scoring a 97.

Regarding the scores, Community Director Mel Mason stated, “We are fortunate to have a great staff working on our sites each day. Our Facilities Technicians go above and beyond to ensure we are ready for these inspections whenever they may occur. It is our goal to provide senior citizens in our community with the best housing options in the area for both affordability, and worry-free living. A huge part of that is keeping on top of day-to-day operations, but also ‘big picture’ renovations and projects, in order to keep our sites appealing to current residents and future applicants.”

Silver Tree Residential, of Memphis, TN, assumed management of the properties – also encompassing Westerberg Tower and Anderson Tower – in September of 2018, at which time the portfolio began operation under the collective name of Silvertree Seniors of Jamestown.

“In the 14 months we have been managing these sites, we have welcomed 70 new residents across Jamestown, Falconer, and the surrounding areas to our buildings,” Mason said. “There are a lot of housing options for independent senior citizens in the area, and it’s a huge compliment that so many are choosing Silvertree sites to call home. That, combined with these scores, reinforce our commitment to being the best affordable senior housing in the area.”

Silvertree Seniors of Jamestown’s main office is located at 145 Chandler Street in Jamestown. Staff may be reached via phone at 716-489-2303 and on Facebook at Silvertree Seniors of Jamestown.