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2013 Sherman Wildcats Varsity Football Team
2013 Sherman Wildcats Varsity Football Team










“Up until the last three years Sherman fans had a long drought…not very many wins to celebrate,” Sherman Wildcat varsity football coach Bob Krenzer said, highlighting the team’s more recent wins. But Krenzer ducked a compliment for his own coaching skills and passed the kudos along to his team. “They’re the ones with the talent. I’m real proud of those kids.”

“I’ve been coaching for 40 years and I can tell you it’s all about the kids. It’s not the coaches who win the games,” Krenzer added. It was especially satisfying to rack up a big Sherman Homecoming weekend win against the Pine Valley Panthers under Friday night lights last week, taking their opponents down by a score of 34 to 8.

“We’re pretty good defenders,” Krenzer said. “We use a variety of defensive lineups to make it harder for the opposition to predict how we are going to block their next play.” On offense, the Wildcats often rely on the kind of Spread I formation popular in both American and Canadian football, from the professional leagues all the way down high school teams, which can give the quarterback a lot of offensive options, especially from a shotgun position.

The fact that the Wildcat’s offensive and defensive playbooks are working is backed up by their 4-1 record going into their upcoming game against Nichols, an independent private school they have not faced before. The Nichols game was inserted into Sherman’s schedule to replace their matchup against Westfield which canceled their varsity season following a player fatality earlier this season.

Krenzer’s Wildcats are preparing to take on Nichols by studying scouting films of previous matchups. “I think it’ll be a great game to watch,” coach Krenzer said. “It will be a competitive game and we will be ready for them”

On the Saturday following the Nichols game, the Sherman Wildcats will take on Panama, another strong opponent with a winning record slated to be a hard-fought gridiron clash. The game will be part of the league title competition and Krenzer plans to come out on top. In his many years as coach Bob Krenzer has taken his team to championship matches at Ralph Wilson Stadium nine times and scored an impressive win loss record of 5-4.

“We’re giving our fans some good football to enjoy,” Krenzer said. “They really show up! Great crowds and a lot of support for our boys.”

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