Sherman Day Celebration: A Parade and a Famous Haircut

Courtesy photo. Mayor John Patterson is ready for his haircut.
Courtesy photo.
Mayor John Patterson is ready for his haircut.

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Walt Pickut

The community of Sherman is once again looking forward to the annual excitement of their Sherman Day Celebration, beginning on Friday evening, August 1, with a Sherman School Alumni Dinner in the school gymnasium followed by the traditional Bonfire and Live Music at the Sherman Fireman’s Grounds on Klondike Road starting at 8:30.

Saturday morning, August 2, the Sherman day 5K/2 mile Run Walk starts the day off, followed by the 10 o’clock Grand Parade, highlighting a theme of “Marching through Time.” The parade will be filled with floats, special vehicles of many sorts including rescue equipment and emergency crews, horses, marching bands, patriotic groups and entertainment for young and old.
Sherman Day organizers also promise kids games, a petting zoo, a car and antique tractor show, great food and craft vendors, the famous Stanley Hose Chicken BBQ and Live Music.
The parade marshal for this year will be Bonnie Maebon, a young woman who has become a treasured institution in the village of Sherman. Though born with certain disabilities she has devoted her life to the beautification of Sherman, a community that has adopted her and shares her values.

The Haircut
“I need a haircut!” said Sherman’s Mayor, John Patterson. He hasn’t let a barber touch his head in months and months… And it’s all in the good cause added to this year’s festivities. For a $5 donation in support of the Roswell Park Cancer Research Institute, drawings will select innocent bystanders to shave off a stripe of Mayor John’s long, long hair to the delight of the assembled throng at the corner of Main and Miller in downtown Sherman at 2:30 in the afternoon. After enough shavers have been selected to leave only stubble from ear to ear, bidding will start at $50 to select a final close shaver from the crowd. “We’ll have a professional hairdresser on hand to help, if necessary,” Mayor Patterson added, “as long as we don’t need the Red Cross,” he added hopefully.
Mayor Patterson’s shiny dome will be dedicated to raising money for Roswell Park Cancer Research Institute, a goal unanimously supported by the town board in recognition for their life-changing contribution to so many battling and winning their fight against cancer. “I want everybody to have the wonderful Christmas gift we had recently when Roswell helped my wife, Sally, achieve total remission from stage IV cancer,” Mayor John said.
The Sherman Days Celebration has been a Chautauqua County favorite for many years and it looks like it will exceed all expectations again this year.

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