Senator Young in Jamestown to Celebrate New Role

Randy Sweeney, Director of the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and NY State Senator Catherine M. Young.
Randy Sweeney, Director of the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and NY State Senator Catherine M. Young.

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Jamestown Gazette Staff

“Sometimes people think Albany forgets about us,” New York Senator Catherine M. Young told assembled citizens and elected officials at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown on Thursday evening, March10. “But that’s part of my job,” she added. “I will keep our interests and priorities front and center.”

Senator Young (R, C, IP) who represents New York State’s 57 District which includes Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany and Livingston (southern section) counties came to Jamestown for a Meet-and-Greet with her local constituents to celebrate her recent appointment to the position of Senate Majority Finance Committee Chair.

Bringing an optimistic note to the gathering, she said, “I think one person really can change the world. Start by helping your community. That’s who we are in this part of the state.” She expressed her appreciation for the support she has received from local citizens, both in voting and in contributing both their hard work and their ideas for improving the quality of life for all in the Southern Tier.

Chautauqua Region Community Foundation (CRCF) Director Randy Sweeney joined Senator Young at a pre-event press conference to answer questions about recent budget negotiations and events related to the financial and social wellbeing of her district. “The CRCF initiative to bring college students back home to begin and build their careers is an important goal I support,” Young said. “We want young people to find good jobs here.”

Recognizing that agriculture is one of Chautauqua County’s most important industries, she described recent initiatives and proposals with which she plans to enhance the current and future economic security and goals of local farmers. Young is from a third generation farm family and understands the issues of interest to the local agricultural community.

Senator Young’s comments included a far reaching spectrum of local interests. At the top of that list was her role in WCA Hospital’s acquisition of $26.7 million to better equip it to meet the community’s needs. She said that the upgrading the hospital’s physical plant and its advanced technology will advance the quality of life for residents of Jamestown and the entire region WCA serves.

“I am working hard on enhancing law enforcement’s ability to fight the epidemic of drug addiction and overdose deaths,” Young said. Improving insurance coverage for related illness and much needed long term, transitional housing for addiction recovery are high priorities on her agenda.

Among Senator young’s priorities is also plans to increase state funding formulas for local schools, to make New York State, and her district in particular, more competitive in attracting and retaining businesses and to “paying for what we spend,” fighting deficit and unfunded mandate spending.

Senator Young pledged her continued and increased support for the 57th District in her new role as Senate Majority Finance Committee Chair.