Second Chances with Little Angels

Jena Kraut, Founder
Jena Kraut, Founder

Little Angels Animal Sanctuary will be holding a special Valentine’s day adoption event at the Chautauqua Mall on Saturday, February 15.

Paula Briggs and Jena Krauth founded their animal rescue in 2008, when Briggs rescued a rabbit from an auction. The two women have focused mainly on rescuing cats now, and have managed to adopt out most of their other animals.

The LAAS have held events at the mall before, including a Black Friday weekend event.

“People are always looking for more ways to enjoy the mall,” Briggs said. “Our other events have gone over well. We managed to find homes for over fifteen of our cats at our last event.”

The women have also been working to educate the public about feral cats, the importance of getting cats fixed, and the FIV virus.

“People think the worst when it comes to feline AIDS,” Krauth said. “But truth be told, it can only be transferred to another cat if a bite breaks the skin. A cat can live a long and healthy life with FIV. They need good loving homes too.”

In addition to their two locations in Lakewood and Mayville, the ladies will be opening a thrift shop in Sugar Grove. They are looking for donations such as clothes, cat beds and cat toys to stock their new store.

“All the money we earn goes back to our cats,” Briggs said. “This shop will help our sanctuary in a lot of ways. We’ll be able to pay for vaccines, traps and getting cats fixed.”
For the Valentine’s Day event, called “My Feline Valentine,” the women are hoping to bring as many of their cats as possible. The events are also one of the only times the cats are kept in cages. When kept at the sanctuaries, all the cats are given their own rooms to run and play and sleep in.

“We want our animals to live their very best life until they find their forever home,” Krauth had said.

My Feline Valentine will be running from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Krauth and Briggs recommend bringing all the papers needed, as well as a carrier to bring your new family member home in. If someone adopting does not have a pet carrier, the ladies said, they have a few cardboard carriers and PetSmart also sells carriers right across the street.

“When it comes to Feline Valentines,” Briggs said, “it will be love at first sight.”