Saving Christmas… in the Village


Article Contributed by
The Village of Lakewood

In our world of online shopping, social media, and being constantly connected to your phone while disconnected from the community around you, events like Christmas in the Village are important. On Saturday, Dec. 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the businesses and organizations within the Village of Lakewood are hosting an event that almost did not happen. Due to recent changes within the village government, Christmas in the Village was canceled. But that decision did not sit well with the many business owners and residents who look forward to this event year after year.
“I felt like we needed to do something,” said Off the Beaten Path Bookstore owner Bob Lingle. “During our Small Business Saturday event, we had numerous conversations with people who either didn’t know of the cancellation or were disappointed by it.”
As a bookstore owner, it is no surprise that Lingle quotes a book as inspiration for spearheading this last-minute effort. “I recently read Lose Well by Chris Gethard. There is a point in the book where Gethard talks about a concert he went to as a teenager, which was organized by a fellow teenager. It was the first time Gethard realized that you could just create something. And if you wanted to, you could just make something exist.”
So Lingle decided to adopt the motto “What if we could _______?” That first blank was, “What if we could get the businesses to offer something to the community, be it a discount, raffle, or hot chocolate and cookies?” Then it was: “What if we could have vendors? What if we could have carolers? What if we could have Santa? What if we could have chainsaws?” Chainsaws? Yes, chainsaws.
In just a couple of weeks, the community came together and planned an event that is sure to conjure the holiday spirit for everyone involved. A full list of business offerings, participating vendors, and activities can be found on the Christmas in the Village Facebook event page.