Saturday, May 20 is Audubon Annual Plant Exchange and Sale

Join other plant lovers at Audubon Community Nature Center's 2023 Plant Exchange and Sale, Saturday, May 20, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can trade in some of your own plants in exchange for new plants or purchase plants outright.

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Audubon Community Nature Center

Stop by the Audubon Community Nature Center (ACNC) 2023 Plant Exchange and Sale on Saturday, May 20, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., and pick out some new plants for your garden.

You can trade your own potted plants in exchange for new ones or purchase plants outright. You will find a large number of native plants, as well as annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs.

There will also be a selection of local nurseries selling plants, including natives, as well as a Garden Treasures sale of gently used garden equipment and décor, tools, pots, and more. Vendors include Royal Fern Nursery, which sells native plants, and other local vendors.

The Plant Exchange is free to attend.

Volunteer Master Gardeners will be on hand to give advice at the advice table.

Bring your own potted plants to the plant trade-in table to trade them for tickets that can be used to buy more plants. Each ticket is worth a dollar toward plant purchases. Audubon reserves the right to reject invasive species, unpotted plants, those in poor condition, plants in multi-species pots or ones that seem to be infested with weeds or jumping worms.

Plants will be accepted for exchange until noon.

Due to the relatively recent appearance of invasive jumping worms in the region, all plants brought in for trade must be in sterile soil purchased from a store. Seeds must be grown in sterile soil. Plants must have their roots washed clean of soil (and the invasive worm eggs that may be embedded) in order to be accepted for trade.

Audubon plants are sold for $2.50 per 4″ pot, $5 per 6 – 8″ pot and $10 per 10″ pot.

Cash and checks are preferred for a smooth and easy check out, but credit cards will be accepted at the ACNC Reception Desk.

In order to provide a wide selection, many local nurseries and garden stores donate to this event. These plants will be available for cash only and will not be available to purchase as an exchange.

This event is outdoors and takes place rain or shine, so come prepared for the weather.

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