Rotary Welcomes Humane Society Officials


Brian Papalia, Partnership Director of the Chautauqua County Humane Society and Kellie Roberts, Executive Director of the Agency spoke to the Rotary Club of Jamestown via ZOOM, at their recent Monday noon meeting. Papalia works with organizations for sponsorships and education programs. He has been at the agency for several years as the former executive. Roberts has been director for 3 years.

The CCHS works with loving care to get the animals into loving homes. The COVID Pandemic has lessened the agency’s activities, but they are still considered an essential business, so the doors have remained open for care and they have even been able to start a few new programs. Everything is now done by appointment.

The agency has a new location partnership at Chautauqua Mall, across from the Bath and Body Works. Over 100 people have come through the doors at that location and adoption, especially of cats, has been quite successful.

The Society is now successfully adopting out Feline IV positive cats. The disease can only be transmitted by the positive cat biting another cat. The organization is just beginning to adopt out feline leukemia Virus cats (which is not at all like leukemia in humans and is not transmissible).

Working Cat Heroes is a new program and is primarily for cats that prefer to be out of doors, cats with little problems and cats that are antisocial. The Agency is trying hard to fit their programs to the cats that come in.

CCHS also helps pets in homes that might need a helping hand to remain in the home. They have teamed with the Salvation Army to distribute over 13,000 pounds of food donated by Purina and individuals to families who need help feeding their animals. The program is also being carried out in the North County.

Healthy Pet Clinics have been postponed until COVID quarantine is over. These clinics assist folks who do not have access to pet care otherwise. St. Luke’s Church has been immensely helpful with some of these programs.

The spay/neuter clinic had to be closed for a while due to COVID restrictions but started up again and will not operate two days a week during the winter months. There is a Community Cat Fund that helps with these expenses as well.

The Humane Society maintains a holding room for dogs that may be picked up by the police or animal control officers in 30 different municipalities. If the dogs are not claimed, then the agency is free to adopt them out.

And finally, the agency offers behavior services for people who have troubled animals.