Rotary Club of Jamestown Welcomes New Member

(L to R): Wally Bloomquist & Donna Bloomquist, RN.
(L to R): Wally Bloomquist & Donna Bloomquist, RN.
(L to R): Wally Bloomquist & Donna Bloomquist, RN.

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Rotary Club of Jamestown

At a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Jamestown, the club welcomed a new member, Donna Bloomquist, RN.

Sponsored by Rotary Club Member Wally Bloomquist (and also her brother!), Ms. Bloomquist works as a Clinical Informatics Manager at Lutheran in Jamestown. Since 2011, Donna has worked for Lutheran, initially as a staff nurse, then as a nursing supervisor, and now manages Lutheran’s electronic medical records systems in her current role.

Ms. Bloomquist grew up working in the family printing business with her brother, Wally. After college, she secured a position at a Belgian company named Agfa Graphics NV as a software trainer for the printing industry.
She held numerous positions in many areas of the business. These included, among others, technical support manager, engineering manager, and international product line manager.

When the company decided to move the marketing department to their headquarters in Belgium, Donna decided a move overseas was not in the plans for her. With her background in computer systems, she then decided to focus her career on the expanding field of healthcare information systems and the rest is history.

The Jamestown Rotary Club is proud to welcome Donna to the club. She looks forward to serving the community.