Rolling Hills Radio is moving!

We are proud to announce that Rolling Hills Radio will now be recorded 
at the Reg Studio Theater in Jamestown. The first show in our new home 
takes place Thursday, October 24, 2013.

The Reg Studio Theater is located at 108 East Third St, Jamestown, NY.
This venue is a mere two blocks from our former home, so the 
convenience of parking and other geographic considerations are 
essentially unchanged.

Several factors led to this move, the primary one being the 
overwhelming response of you, the people who come to participate in the 
recording of our show. As demand has steadily increased, it became clear 
we needed more seating. Tickets for Rolling Hills Radio have been 
rapidly selling out for some time now and the Reg offers us a capacity 
increase of 20-30%.

As the season progresses, we will be announcing more changes related to 
this move. But rest assured, our #1 goal remains to provide a monthly 
evening of entertainment with one great artist after another. This 
season we are giving you local artists such as Brian Hanna and Stanley 
Barton. We are giving you regional artists like Jamie-Sue Seal, Gordon 
Munding, and Austin "Walkin" Cane. We are giving you national artists 
like Mary Ramsey, Sean Patrick McGraw, and John Lombardo.

This show and the giant effort required to move it could never happen 
if it were not for the incredible efforts of our dedicated volunteer 
staff. Thanks again to Dick Gould, Drew Emerling, Emily Raynor, and 
Nancy McGuire. Invaluable expert help comes from Jason Sample, Ed 
Tomassini, Lynn Warner, and Tammarie Designs. And of course, we must 
mention our Inspirational Spirit Guide, Dennis Drew.

Our main debt of gratitude, however, is with you, the people who 
support, appreciate, and attend our shows. The message and theme of 
Rolling Hills Radio begins and ends with the people who are touched by 
music that reflects genuine humanity. Thanks to all of you.