Rolling Hills Radio: Episode 48 – Thursday November 19th



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Episode 48 is again going back to our own regional roots, Upstate New York. New York State has its own recognizable musical personality and history. If I began listing well-known acts from this area it would be hard to find a stopping point, so let me just name one. The Burns Sisters. A sizable discography, beautiful harmonies, and a fiercely loyal following accompany them to our stage. They stand among the most high-profile acts of Upstate. Recently returned from a tour of Ireland, they go right back to work. In Jamestown.

The Burns Sisters
The Burns Sisters

The Burn Sisters
Annie and Marie Burns create uplifting, transcendent music filled with warmth and conviction with a new album “Looking Back, Our American Irish Souls.” Stirring and reverent, their passionate, seductive harmonies and lyrics are bursting with spirit and soul. The Burns Sisters are renowned for their pure harmony, beautiful lyrics and joyful energy. A wonderful Celtic act, they also have been called Americana folk heiresses. They defy categories, always going where their muse takes them.

Tom Whitmore
Tom Whitmore

Tom Whitmore
Tom Whitmore has been performing on stage since the tender age of four when he sang the “Davy Crockett Theme Song,” at the 1958 General Electric Christmas party in Syracuse. Tom went on to play and write music for years, finally landing with those campy quirksters, Watkins & The Rapiers, with whom he has played for nigh on twenty years. Tom’s songs are emblematic of the Rapiers’ unusual take on life, adding his particularly idiosyncratic, witty, and curiously sly musical voice. As a songwriter coming from a band full of fine songwriters, Tom’s solo appearance is overdue.
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