Restoring Trust in the Catholic Parish


100% of the book profits will be donated to Church ministries where books are sold in parishes.
A call to laity and priests to help restore trust, foster healing, and grow the parishes in the Catholic Church.

Based on two studies conducted in the Diocese of Buffalo, and applicable to all dioceses.

The reader will find an honest, unflinching examination of the parishioner culture in the diocese of Buffalo, New York, which is likely to be similar to other dioceses. After decades of voices encountering the same problems and issues, and catapulted by the sex scandals into the crisis today, this book summarizes the needs and desires of the parishioners and puts it squarely before the chancery, laity and priests.

Well conceptualized and easy to read for any parishioner, it offers practical solutions and applications to restore hope and faith back to the church.

It is a spiritual exploration of the Church pre-Vatican II and the twenty-first century church in the U.S. and abroad. The reader cannot help but be compelled by the experiences and impassioned to help save the church because Jesus saved us first.

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