Reedy Running for City Council Ward 3

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Robert Reedy

Dear Friend,

My name is Robert Reedy, I am a Jamestown city resident. I’m also a local business owner & a Disabled Air Force Veteran I am running for Ward 3 City Council in the 2023 election. As a city resident I’m interested with our communities on going concerns.

I am pro public safety and believe our emergency services need to be better funded and not defunded. I also am trying to do something to be more involved in our housing problem within the city, we need to take action to make home owners responsible for there properties

I am also concerned with lead requirements and enforcement for landlords, when it comes to our city wide lead poisoning problem. I am also concerned with our homeless and mental health community.

I am totally against Bail Reform, we really need to address this, not only locally but in Albany as well. Please consider me for this years election. Lets try for new leadership and communication in our city government and bring our community back to the people. Your vote would be greatly appreciated.

Lets try to work together to make our community a better and safer place to live, Thank you for your time and consideration. Any questions feel free to email me @ or call me 716-397-1289. thank you

Yours Truly

Robert Reedy