Recreational Leases: The Alternative to Property Ownership


Article Contributed by
Brian Bullard
Director of Operations, FORECON, Inc.

Permission to hunt Prime hunting property can be difficult to obtain and purchasing property for hunting simply does not fit into everyone’s personal budget. It is for these reasons that FORECON, Inc. developed and continues to maintain a Hunting Lease program with private landowners. Leasing provides for year-round recreational use (in most cases) including hunting at low annual cost. Many provide opportunity for camping trailers, ATV use on main trails, food plot development and much more. Each property has been physically inspected by our Hunt lease agents to ensure that they are appropriate for the lessees needs while keeping the lessors interests in mind. While we lease thousands of acres annually, lease opportunities come and go quickly. Visit our website at frequently to see what is available.





Our hunt lease specialists are well versed on the properties we have for lease and can answer most questions you might have. We are also part of a national hunting lease network of properties across the country through . Whether you’re looking to lease your land or are looking for a great hunting lease for deer camp, or trying to find a great place to camp, hike, fish, play, or just relax in nature, then call (716) 664-5602 or email our FORECON Hunt Lease land specialists ( and we will be glad to help you get started!