Recipe for a Happy Marriage


Contributing Writer
Vicki McGraw

Well dear friends, the time has come! After sixteen months of planning, numerous conversations, three showers and thirty six pounds of cinnamon pecans, we have finally made it to wedding week! That’s right, by the time we meet again I will have gained a daughter-in-law! Todd and Amanda will be tying the knot in a (hopefully!) outdoor ceremony Saturday evening, and I for one cannot wait!

For all of you who have already experienced the joys and chaos of planning a wedding…bless you for making it through! For those of you who have yet to share the experience, all I can say is hold on tight and prepare for the whirlwind. For us, wedding planning has been a joy, but I will admit, as the mother of the groom, I wasn’t asked to do much.  Todd and Amanda had a clear vision of what they wanted and went right at the task at hand to achieve their dream. Thanks to Amanda’s organizational skills, they stayed very coordinated and under control. I have worked with many brides over the years and never once saw Amanda show even the slightest hint of crazy in her approach to their special day. Talk about calm, cool, and collected!

Weddings are such wonderful events for all to enjoy, but I’m afraid that too often folks get too tied up in the concept of “the show” and forget about the real reason behind the big party and gorgeous gowns. Unfortunately couples focus the wedding but forget it’s about the marriage…the happily ever after that every little girl dreams of! The best bit of advice I can give to any couple getting married is really quite simple…Don’t sweat the small stuff! I remember being young and thinking everything was such a big deal. The pot roast was under cooked, the gravy was too thin, the mashed potatoes lumpy…oh the drama that ensued. After being married for many years and raising two wonderful boys, I’ve come to understand that what makes life wonderful isn’t perfection, it’s learning to bend when the wind blows and making the most out of the moments. So maybe tonight’s dinner wasn’t one I’ll cook again. The important part of the meal is who is around my table, not what is on it. As I have always tried to teach my kids, put family first! A family starts with a happy husband and wife, and can be complimented by children, but also by fur babies (the four legged kids frequently are more spoiled than the two legged ones!). The key is to remember that as soon as the knot is tied, we are all family. Dinner time is a great time to connect with one another. Discuss your day, laugh, reminisce, plan ahead, make the most of each moment that you have because as we all know, we can only live one day at a time. Remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!

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Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Start with:

  • Two loving partners


  • 6 Cups of Love
  • 2 Cups of Loyalty
  • 3 Cups of Kindness
  • 4 Cups of Understanding
  • 1 Cups of Friendship
  • 1 Dash of faith
  • 1 Cup of Hope
  • 1 Bucket of Laughter
  • A pinch of Forgiveness
    (no substitutions)
  • Dash of Thoughtfulness

Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith and understanding.  Add kindness, friendship and hope. Sprinkle generously with laughter, and garnish with thoughtfulness and forgiveness!